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How to get jobs as a photographer- without paying for ads

The past 12 years I've been doing

  • video

  • photo booth

  • graphic design

  • merchandise for other companies social media marketing

  • web sites

but I didn't start there.

I started with my kids and my family at my house or my little Nikon D3100 and I literally just practiced skills.

I kept adding on to my skill set.

I YouTubed the mess out of every single thing- And I practiced practiced practiced and I started posting before I started getting booked for stuff.

Okay, that's my little Pro tip.

If you want to get booked for Things that aren't in your wheelhouse - start posting and practicing now!

if you want to do food, start practicing on the food you have in your home

you, when want to shoot products start doing your perfume bottles and your mugs and all these things you have laying around.

If you want to start doing weddings, grab your sister and brother-in-law and start doing photos of them, grab a dress from the thrift store.

that's literally how I started !

It’s not Rocket Science Guys!

start creating content

start literally posting every day to your accounts- different things: behind the scenes that you do - and people will call you.

That's what I've been doing for 12 years without paying for ads

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