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Afraid that your kid is "behind?" Feeling Discouraged as a parent?

Are you feeling discouraged mom or dad?

Feel like your kid is falling “behind?”

Who Makes these regulations?

It's a bunch of people in a chair sitting down according to your state, saying, “this is what should be done-according to what everybody else is doing…”

and if your kid is, is breaking the “mold”emotionally, physically, emotionally or academically, and not fitting in those check boxes, and they might be “behind.”

The Albert, Einstein was considered “behind” was considered a” disturbance” was considered “dumb.”

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his mom Pulled him from school to teach him and have one-on-one time with him and to have him just discover and learn and grow at home.

Now, we look back and we say, “wow, that was a really good decision.”

Because to me, I'd rather have a confident kid that loves learning and loves being in academic environments, and loves books and loves just anything.

They're soaking up like little sponges and being outside and everything is beautiful. Wonderful, and magical - than being discouraged and taking their hope and their Joy of learning away.

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