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Build your website like a ROCKSTAR

Once upon a time, there was business owner that bought a website builder like WIX, squarespace or showit. They spent HOURS gathering the right fonts, images, colors and branding and they thought all their business dreams would COME true the moment they launched the site.

Little did they know that though their site was getting SOME visitors, they were unable to direct their clients through the right pages and steps and their leads were getting confused and leaving the site in under a minute, never to be heard from again? Now the business owner is not getting any calls, texts or emails and their site is literally collecting dust in cyberspace.

..Sound familiar? .We know. We’ve been there too! ..You might have spent GOBS on the latest premium plan for your website, you might have the prettiest images, but if you don’t guide your customers to sign up and collect their info and peak their interest, they will bounce in under a minute- and possible never look at your site again!

.What can you do as a business owner and DIY website designer to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Yes, of course you can hire someone to do your website for you, but we all know that that is expensive (we know, we do this for a living!)

So what can you do to make sure that your clients are staying on your page, interacting with your page and eventually hiring you or buying your service!

have an AWESOME first landing page.

This is where most of your clients are going to decide to stay, go, or contact you. People are LAZY and will not go to other pages unless they are really curious and want to learn more. So make sure that they landing page has EVERYTHING they need to know right there: What needs to be on the landing page:

Tell them a KICK *$$ reason to hire you or contact you in two seconds:

An, awesome image or video with a button on the first line of the page- directing them to contact you, download a freebie, like “download my pricing guide here” and capture their email!, call for a quote, chat with a real person etc…

****Have a button here to capture their email, like “download our ebook, chat with us, call to reserve etc.***

Tell them what you do!

What are your top three services with taglines to give your customers a clear picture of your services, your specialties and your work. Use commercial grade photos, or stock images here- you really want to wow them on your product or service

****Have a button here to contact you or to READ MORE about services or gallery on another page***

Tell them why they need to hire you:

Who have you worked with, how many customers have they served, have you won any awards, have you been featured anywhere? What do your clients say about your work?

****Have a button here to contact you or to READ MORE about your press/awards or features on another page***

Tell them who you are:

Have a great headshot of your or your team with a tag line about your experience, your passion or why you started the business.

****Have a button here to contact you or to READ MORE about you on another page***

Tell them what to do

Have an awesome last capturing sentence that will really want them to work with you. Tell them why they need you again. Maybe even have a coupon code, or special sale just for those that contact you and sign up to contact you. That will definitely raw them to want to contact you if they know that they are getting a “deal”

****Have a contact widget here to contact you, call you, or chat with you.****

BONUS things to know

Instagram feed at the bottom of the front page. If you are not on Instagram- the you should be.

Make sure that all fonts and colors follow the same color scheme (including Instagram).

Have your social media buttons on the top AND bottom

Have a contact widget on every page, so that they know what to do without leaving the page.

Make sure that your site looks good on a desktop AND mobile. (some stats say 50%, but I have also seen over 75% of people are looking at your page from a phone)

Make sure most images are pro quality, or stock images (you can get free ones from pixabay, pexels or unsplash) . If they aren’t hire someone or learn some great phone photography tricks.

.Alright, now do you feel better prepared to guide your customers, give them the right info and have them know how to contact you?

Need help with your website? We have worked with so many business owners from all over the country to make sure that their website is clear, clean and easy to navigate.

Christal Marshall is the owner of Virginia Photos and Films, Virginia Marketing and Media and Virginia Beach Photobooth Company. and Be a marketing geniusShe lives, breathes and does media and marketing pretty much 24-7 for over 14 local business through social media management, website design, photo, video or media coverage or graphic design. She is a homeschool mom of three, cat lover, sushi eater and poke fan! She started her business in 2011 with nothing but a $400 camera from Amazon, now she is has been published in over 60 different blogs and websites for her media work and rank top Wedding Photographer in Virginia Beach. #hamptonroads#hamptonroads #hrva#hrva #hr#hr #757 #757photographer#757photographer #757collective#757collective #757creative#757creative # #757entrepreneurs#757entrepreneurs #entrepreneur#entrepreneur #chesapeake#chesapeake #norfolkva#norfolkva #virginiabeach#virginiabeach #vabeach#vabeach #viewfindersva#viewfindersva #photography#photography #tuesdaystogether#tuesdaystogether #viewfinders#viewfinders #viewfinders757#viewfinders757 #rentasetstudio#rentasetstudio #vabeachphotographer#vabeachphotographer #virginiabeachphotographer#virginiabeachphotographer #virginiabeachoceanfront#virginiabeachoceanfront #virginiabeachphotography#virginiabeachphotography #norfolkphotographer#norfolkphotographer #chesapeakephotographer#chesapeakephotographer #hamptonroadsva#hamptonroadsva

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