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Your Small Business Strategies Marketing Strategy that Guarantees Results

You might be a great artist, photographer, freelancer or designer.

But yet, why aren’t you getting calls day and night?

Is it because you don’t have the best equipment (no!)

Is it because you don’t have the skill level or education or years of experience? (Absolutely not!)

It has a 100% to do with your marketing and business strategy.

What’s your current business strategy?

Let me guess:

1. Post a random photo when you happen to be online about a recent session periodically.

2. Randomly post whenever you feel like it with a random photo once in a blue moon.

3. You have little to no blog with little to no content or meaningful posts that can actually help your ideal client

4. You have little to no mailing list

5. Your website is hard to follow, hard to navigate and hard to capture your clients attention and info

6. You don’t have an ideal client- just any random person that you know of that can hire you. Sound familiar?

I know, we’ve all been there.
First things first,
Know your ideal client- inside and out.

Who do you want to work with- just anyone from your YMCA yoga class- or Johnny’s soccer mom clan. Really dig deep- who do you want to work with? What do they like? What’s their ideal wedding or shoot look like? Do they like to have fun? Do they like adventures? Do they like backyard barbeques? All your branding and marketing should come from this ideal client- from all your patterns, to your color scheme- to your sample images, to your website design.

Secondly, What’s your posting strategy?

Daily posting with actual interactive posts on facebook Instagram and pinterest. You can see my blog about just this right here: Need 30 days of FREE content ideas? Or I have another post for another set of creative ideas with hashtags for just wedding photographers and videographers.

Weekly blogging about a helpful topic this could include a video, a live broadcast or a how-to video.

Your clients will more likely want to click on an article that says “10 fall photo session outfit ideas” VS “Smith Family session.”

The more you create helpful content, the more value that you will bring to your business, PLUS you will get more interaction, views and SEO ranking.

Monthly- mailout to your email list about your helpful topics and your latest sales or coupons.

How do you build your email list? You should be capturing EVERYONE’s email that you book. You can also capture people’s email through having them sign in to your pixieset or pass account when they view your files for ordering. You can also put a capture email pop up on your website, AND everytime that someone contacts you via your website, should be opted in as well.

Build your following with a private facebook group

Show your latest work, give helpful content and do live broadcasts right from this page. Your followers will get notified FIRST instead of just having your stuff float around in cyberspace just hoping that someone will see or click

Nothing can replace person-to-person marketing.

Set up a booth at a wedding event, a family showcase, a local marketing group or a photobooth at ideal client event. Go where your ideals clients are- are they upscale brides- go to upscale bridal thingsAre they mom’s? Go to a crafting fair or homeschool events. Been seen everyone with your cards ready at the grocery store- at the soccer field and at any local event.

Okay, let’s review:

Daily posting creative content and tag vendors, make contests, create polls, etc.

weekly blogging or creating videos about helpful content that can enrich your client’s lives

be seen in public places with your cards- meeting people and shaking hands

creating a facebook group to reach your best clients

sending out monthly mailouts to your growing mailing lists


Alright- how are we doing so far?

Are you getting hits? Are you getting emails? Here’s the next step.

Give your clients an extra boost by buying facebook ad space for your helpful blog, content, video or ask people to join your group or mailing list. You can set your ad budget to be anywhere from 10 dollars a month or more. But- cautionary tale about Facebook ads- don’t just send people to your business page or website where they can look for a few seconds and leave without a trace. Send them to your private facebook page, or a specific landing page where you capture their info, so you can do follow up emails or welcome messages.

Alright, there you have it, a proven marketing strategy that will guarantee you to get leads, make connections, get your ideal client and become the business that you’ve always wanted. You’re welcome. Now, it’s time to hustle, do your homework and get started.

Christal Marshall is the owner of Virginia Photos and Films, Virginia Marketing and Media and Virginia Beach Photobooth Company. and Be a marketing geniusShe lives, breathes and does media and marketing pretty much 24-7 for over 14 local business through social media management, website design, photo, video or media coverage or graphic design. She is a homeschool mom of three, cat lover, sushi eater and poke fan! She started her business in 2011 with nothing but a $400 camera from Amazon, now she is has been published in over 60 different blogs and websites for her media work and rank top Wedding Photographer in Virginia Beach. #hamptonroads#hamptonroads #hrva#hrva #hr#hr #757 #757photographer#757photographer #757collective#757collective #757creative#757creative # #757entrepreneurs#757entrepreneurs #entrepreneur#entrepreneur #chesapeake#chesapeake #norfolkva#norfolkva #virginiabeach#virginiabeach #vabeach#vabeach #viewfindersva#viewfindersva #photography#photography #tuesdaystogether#tuesdaystogether #viewfinders#viewfinders #viewfinders757#viewfinders757 #rentasetstudio#rentasetstudio #vabeachphotographer#vabeachphotographer #virginiabeachphotographer#virginiabeachphotographer #virginiabeachoceanfront#virginiabeachoceanfront #virginiabeachphotography#virginiabeachphotography #norfolkphotographer#norfolkphotographer #chesapeakephotographer#chesapeakephotographer #hamptonroadsva#hamptonroadsva

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