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What three words would I say to my younger self?

if I was going to say anything to my younger 18 year old self in three words,

(Comment below what your three words would be to your younger self.)

But if I was to do three words to my younger self, it would be “start a business”

because that is something I've learned through three kids and moving all over the country and having to deal with no affordable, childcare and having to deal with just hustle and heart. I was doing at e-classes at 2:00 in the morning, while nursing babies, while being self-taught while doing all this creative stuff.

And if I would have known this at and already started the practices and the habits of the successful sustainable business, I would have been Leaps and Bounds Leaps and Bounds over.

Now I'm almost 40 having to learn stuff having to just hustle things and and figure it out on the go and experiment and having to risk a lot of our personal funds and money.

So, if you're 18, start a business, learn early.

There's my project for you guys.



I am a child wrangler, a girl boss, a media creator, a business mentor,  a professional domestic engineer, Captain of the Hot Mess Express and most importantly- an imperfect but constantly progressing disciple of Christ.

We coach, teach, shoot, set up events and build reclaimed decor and adventure mobiles out of our home studio in Chesapeake, VA all while raising three amazing but crazy children.

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