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My favorite Stay-at-home-mom Passive income stream to make money - 100% profit

For the past 12 years, I've been a stay-at-home mom-and this is one of my many passive income streams that I do on my phone.

So you're going to make a design on canva or GoDaddy Studio.



You're going to upload it to one of many websites.

My favorite is, teepublic. @teepublic

There's also other websites that do this- they handle all the shipping, the processing, the printing, everything is 100% profit.

all you have to do is add your design, do the keywords, add it in there and then I can just get a check every month to my PayPal from I'm all of my accounts,

I'm able to pay for vacations.

I pay for school stuff.

I pay for cruises -all sorts of things and I'm able to do it from home directly on my phone.

Look at these awesome designs.

I have thousands of products being sold all over the world from various different sources.

You can do it on red bubble,


you can do it on Society6


and you can do it on printify


and printful


and upload it to Etsy @etsy

and be able to have an account for free or cheap.



What other stay at home #sahm friendly passive incomes do you know of?

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