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I’m a new photographer trying to start a business- how do I find clients?

If you're a new photographer and you're probably wondering “how do I find clients?”

Here are some real hacks of things that I have used since 2010 when I started shooting.

1.So first you need to have your camera with you at all times

2. have a shirt made on Zazzle ( or another online company with your logo, your name, your phone number, your Instagram, whatever.

So every time you go out to do anything: yoga class, soccer club, church meeting- anything you're wearing a shirt and you have your camera on you.

3. then when you get hired- hand out business cards to every single person that you meet especially if it's at a wedding!

Go table to table- talk to every single person- pass out your business cards.

4.Social media tips; video content, of you working,thinking,- behind- the -scenes stuff building stuff, shooting clients, anything that you're working and doing things with clients-That's what people want to se

5.having some type of Meetup where you see other entrepreneurs, anything where you're in front of somebody's face is the goal that you want to have

I’ve never paid for Facebook ads and Google ads over the years because of face-to-face person connections are actually more memorable to people than a digital thing

I would love for you to follow me for any kind of business / photography related questions and see you later guys!

Stay creative!

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