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Why you need a photobooth

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Why you need a photobooth 

You might be thinking about planning an event or a wedding and you have the dj done, You have the caterer down but one of the last things that you even think about, is having a Photo Booth.

A lot of times you don’t think about the importance of capturing these memories with a tangible print that people can take home and remember the event forever

A photo booth allows you to have fun in your event. I know personally, we have lots of laughs and silliness inside our booth.

Then the photos are printed out and people are given them as a favor to take home and put on their fridge or in a scrapbook so that they can look back on it and remember your event.

Don’t wait to the last minute to book a photo booth. You might be thinking “ I can’t afford a photo booth they go from $800-$1000 to rent”. I am proud to say that our Photo Booth is very low overhead and only starts at 350 for two hours of event coverage.

Includes fun props, backdrop DSLR  quality photos with studio lighting, and photo booth strip style prints with your a event logo or name. 


Please contact us today to book your time. Our calendar gets full up up to a year in advance

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