Camera Settings 101: Getting to know your dial

Need help with your Dial and knowing what to do first when you take your beginning level camera out for a spin?

So many dials and pictures to keep track of

let‘s go through each one:

Auto Mode: Camera controls every feature.

be careful with this mode- you won’t have any control in the studio!

Shutter Priority- you control only the shutter and your camera dies the rest.

Great for action shots and freezing motion.

Aperture priority: changes only the opening of the lens to allow more natural light in

Great for portraits but could get blurry on action!

Want a little bit more wiggle room then full auto, but not ready for many changes?

Sport mode- a great preset for freezing action

A great preset for taking pictures of people

Want to take pictures at night? Watch out- the pop- up flash will wash out your subject

On a trip or a vacation?

Taking pictures of tiny objects like a flower?

Ready to jump in head first and learn all your settings one-by-one ? (Don‘t be afraid, just do it and try!)
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