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10 ways to rank higher on SEO for photographers

10 ways to rank higher on SEO for photographers
10 ways to rank higher on SEO for photographers

I was on facebook the other day and I saw an ad for a product that can “automatically take your site to the top hit of Google in 30 seconds.”

Of course I was curious and clicked it. After I read the comments- most people talked about how this type of product can be the quickest way to make your site the lowest ranked on google. Cheaters never prosper.

So how do you make your site stick out organically? Let’s look through 10 steps to get your site out there in front of your NICHE customers.

1.make sure your site is HTTPS and has a SSL certificate.

Google recently changed their parameters about the requirement for sites to have the two things. Check your settings to make sure you have it!

2.make sure your site is text heavy!

If you want to be able to find you with “chesapeake photographer” make sure that you have that phrase listed several times throughout your site, on all text on images, and in the settings on the SEO column on your web editor.

You might think that it sounds redundant on your page being over and over again but in fact Google loves when you use keywords in a way that people will understand multiple times

3. Be a ninja and be everywhere- all at once!

Get a Facebook Page, get Instagram page, start tweeting, start getting a YouTube channel together, start blogging, make a podcast- more places you are over the Internet the more your name and domain name and information about you is spread throughout the Internet!

4. Make sure your website is mobile friendly!

Check for fast loading times, and The ability to find the information they need in a matter of seconds or under a minute.

5. Do some research-

Pretend you’re a potential client and start searching Google for keywords in for phrases that you would like to see. Take notes on what companies are coming up and what phrases that they’re using. You might learn something about their titles, their keywords or other tips!

6.partner up-

The more people that back a link to your website and talk about you, the higher ranking you’ll be.

Start reaching out to other local artists or other business bloggers that would like to write an article that you were do a podcast about you!

The more links you are on other people‘s websites the more google likes you!

7. Is your business even on google?

Make sure you register your business and verify it through “google my business” that way you can start getting reviews and rankings on Google!

8. Get down to the nitty gritty:

Use a free google tracking tool like this one from Databox :

or even google analytics to track your performance!

9. Speak their language!

Make sure the language on your site is as natural as possible. Most people are doing searches according to a question like “who directed Wonder Women?” Instead of “wonder women, director”

Make sure your content blog posts and videos answer commonly asked questions about the services that you provide.

10. Create useful content.

Don’t just blog about your latest session- talk about “10 ways to save money on your wedding” or something similar. The more useful the content is on your website, the more people will share it and recommend you for a place of expert advice!

SEO doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. Basically- the more your post about your business on very different avenues and more text you have on your site, images and video content- the higher you will rank.

And of course you have boost your rankings by buying google ad words- or boosting your site in other ways if you really want to do that route!

So start creating, start talking up your business and see what happens!


Christal Marshall is a mom of three, graphic designer with Studio Marshall Arts, photographer/ videographer with Virginia Photos and Films, homeschooler and just a straight hustler.

Completely self-taught, she grew her Etsy business to 4,000 sales and now has over 5 online stores selling her designs.

She builds around 20 websites a year using the wix platform for local businesses.

She also manages over 10 different social media accounts for local artists, bakers and entrepreneurs. Want us to work with you?

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